LV7 Wellness Muscular Therapy
Rebuild your body and mind, Look good. Feel better. Live longer.

* Luisa is the consummate professional. She puts you at ease and the results speak for themselves. I always leave feeling better and the   feeling lasts for days afterwards. 

Robert Bussey, CISSP®
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care


* What I like the most about Luisa is her technique and energy. I work long hours and I had terrible pains in my body. In spring I went for a month to Boston and met Luisa, since 2 weeks she started working with my body, the neck, shoulders and lower back pain disappeared. She created a wellness plan that includes life-wellness coaching, nutrition, exercises, stretching, meditation and combination of psycho-muscular massage with deep tissue, she has improved my life. I travel to Boston every month to follow up and make Skype consultations every 15 days.

Pricilla Terrero, New York
Pastry-Chocolate Chef


* Luisa LV7 is wonderful hands have a healing touch, I suffer from chronic pain and a lot of anxiety for various medical conditions, she understands my situation, she finds all holistic alternatives that exist to improve my condition. She comes home every week to treat me and get out of bed.

Nancy Willliam, Soutborough MA

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